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What we could offer you


  • Premises with offices and warehouse, appropriate management.
  • I.T. management with in house servers, web building, email etc. appropriate management.
  • Accounting, using SAP and Qlikview, appropriate management including CIMA qualified management accountant.
  • Sales and marketing resources based on Labtech’s structures.
  • HR and PA to provide experience when matters arise from time to time.
  • Corporate resources, currently based around Brian’s experience running, starting, acquiring and selling businesses in the life science field.
  • Access to a business angel group in which Brian is involved.

These materials, used by Mytogen today, can be expanded as the number of companies being incubated grows. Hence we might need bigger servers, more people etc as the “shared services” business grows.

However, it should be relatively easy to acquire additional office space, warehouse space etc as the business grows.

The charges would be made monthly based on each company’s KPIs and the combination of services required. This allows for very small companies to start with a small overhead but begin utilising the systems and processes of a much larger organisation. It also allows larger companies to grow and utilise resources as needed rather than have the lumpy cost of implementation and investment.


Many advantages for the customers…


  1. Companies using these services would be much more efficient and should therefore be more successful.
  2. Mytogen is likely to encounter more investment opportunities for small companies capable of rapid growth.
  3. Risk is also reduced in this way, e.g. one small company committing to office space, warehouse space etc is likely to incur more risk than a “shared service” supporting 10 companies.
  4. Mytogen will be able to benefit from economies of scale. E.g. mytogen renting one warehouse which is shared by 10 small companies is likely to get a better deal than 10 small companies each trying to rent their own warehouses.
  5. A small, new company can immediately “plug in” to tried and tested systems which are already running other companies successfully. This leaves the manager free to focus on his area of expertise, while the many other parts of a company which need to run successfully will be taken care of competently and efficiently.


The result is that Mytogen becomes a vehicle where customers can create their own tailor made business partner, providing all the support functions needed to maximise the growth and profitability of their company. With support from specialised resources, systems and processes which can grow with them, the incubated business can reach its full potential quickly and inexpensively.