Mytogen was originally formed from the “incubator” which was developed by Labtech International Ltd. to incubate small and start up tech businesses over the last twenty five years.

Labtech had originally been formed in 1993 as a distribution and service company serving scientists in the life science market. As an operating company, Labtech operated from its own premises with its own sales, marketing, accounting, operations, logistics and other functions. In 1995, Labtech began to use these facilities to provide “incubation” facilities for its first start up company, Combitech Ltd. Combitech grew successfully and was sold to a German company 5 years later. This initiated Labtech’s incubation and Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activity.

During the following years, Labtech became increasingly involved in start ups and M&A activity, developing a high level of expertise in this role while still continuing to grow as a distribution and service company serving the life science market. As the incubation and M&A activity increased, two substantial and separate business models were operating and being developed within Labtech.

In January 2015, it was decided that the incubation and M&A business should be spun out into a separate operating company, Mytogen Ltd., focusing on incubation and M&A activity and services. This left Labtech to focus on developing its core business, as a distribution and service company serving scientists in the life science market.

Mytogen now provides services to independent companies, mainly in the technology field. These services range from incubation of start ups through back office support for small companies to specialist services for very large international companies which have a specific need, as well as M&A activity involving companies of all sizes.

Mytogen is now also the parent company of Labtech International Ltd.